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A Prophecy that Exposes the Fraud of Muhammad

In this short article I will sum up the detailed argumentation I have presented in other articles and rebuttals, the links of which will be posted at the conclusion.

Muslims will often cite the following passage a prophecy that validates Muhammad as a true prophet:

The Roman Empire has been defeated – In a land close by; but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious – Within a few years (bidi). With God is the Decision, in the past and in the Future: on that Day shall the Believers rejoice -S. 30:1-4 Y. Ali

This is perhaps the most unimpressive prophecy ever composed, one that actually proves Muhammad was a fraud.

In the first place, who defeated the Romans and where were they defeated? Second a few years from when exactly and how many years does the Arabic word bidi actually encompass, i.e., two years, three years, seven years etc.? What exactly is a few years?

The Quran fails to answer any of these questions, thereby contradicting its repeated assertion of being a perspicuous scripture which provides a detailed explanation of everything:

Say: “Shall I seek for judge other than God? – when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book, explained in detail.” They know full well, to whom We have given the Book, that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt. S. 6:114 Y. Ali

This Qur’an is not such as could be produced by anyone other than Allah; in fact it is the confirmation of prior revelations (Psalms, Torah, and Gospel) and fully explains the Holy Book (prior scriptures); there is no doubt in this fact that it is (revealed) from the Lord of the Worlds. S. 10:37 (Farook Malik

In their history verily there is a lesson for men of understanding. It is no invented story but a confirmation of the existing (Scripture) and a detailed explanation of everything, and a guidance and a mercy for folk who believe. S. 12:111 Pickthall

One day We shall raise from all Peoples a witness against them, from amongst themselves: and We shall bring thee as a witness against these (thy people): and We have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims. S. 16:89 Y. Ali

A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail; – a Qur’an in Arabic, for people who understand; – S. 41:3 Y. Ali

Appealing to the ahadith proves no better. According to these sources, this supposed prophecy refers to the Romans being defeated by the Persians around the year 614 AD and that the Romans would then be victorious within 3-9 years.

Besides the issue that the Romans failed to achieve victory within that stipulated time period, since secular history states that they only decisively defeated the Persians some thirteen years later, roughly around 628 AD, the ahadith further compound the problem.

According to the hadiths Q. 30:1-4 was actually composed AFTER the Romans had won a victory over against the Persians!

Jami’ at-Tirmidhi

46 Chapters on Recitation

Narrated Abu Sa’eed:

“On the Day of (the battle of) Badr, the Romans had a victory over the Persians. So the believers were pleased with that, THEN THE FOLLOWING WAS REVEALED (فَنَزَلَتْ [fanazalat] – lit. so it was revealed): Alif Lam Mim. The Romans have been defeated…” up to His saying: ‘…the believers will rejoice. (30:1-4)” He said: “So the believers were happy with the victory of the Romans over the Persians.

Grade: HASAN (Darussalam)

English reference: Vol. 5, Book 43, Hadith 2935

Arabic reference: Book 46, Hadith 3186 (; capital emphasis mine)

Jami’ at-Tirmidhi

47 Chapters of Tafsir

Narrated ‘Atiyyah: Abu Sa’eed narrated:

“On the Day of Badr, the Romans had a victory over the Persians. So the believers were pleased with that, THEN THE FOLLOWING WAS REVEALED (فَنَزَلَتْ [fanazalat] – lit. so it was revealed): ‘Alif Lam Mim. The Romans have been defeated, up to His saying: ‘the believers will rejoice – with the help of Allah… (30:1-5)’” He said: “So the believers were happy with the victory of the Romans over the Persians.”

Grade: SAHIH (Darussalam)

English reference: Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3192

Arabic reference: Book 47, Hadith 3496 (; capital emphasis mine)

Therefore, how can this be a prophecy when Muhammad composed this only after the Persians had suffered a defeat at the hands of the Romans? Doesn’t this prove that the Quran is a hodgepodge of disparate and contradictory sources, which Muhammad and/or his followers tried to pass off as revelations from the true God?

And yet Muhammad and his companions did such a poor job of compiling and editing the Quran that they committed egregious blunders and failed to carefully cover their tracks since they made concessions that ended up exposing their fraud!

One such blunder and concession is the attempt of Muhammad and his followers to pass off Q. 30:1-4 as a prophecy when in reality this was composed AFTER the Romans had achieved a victory over against those who had defeated them!

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