Church Fathers on Sola Fide by Matt1618 Part 2

I uploaded this from the following link: F) St. John Chrysostom [344-407] John Chrysostom, Hom. in Ep. ad Titum 3.3 (PG 62.679 [not in Greek text]). In this paper, we will extensively study this particular Saint, and we will show that St. Chrysostom is hardly a candidate to be a ‘Sola Fide’ Father. Chrysostom (349-407): The patriarch […]

Was Aisha really only Nine? Pt. 3

Continuing from the previous part Very young marriage was normal in pre-Islamic Arabia. Argument 1 It is argued: The marriage happened 1400 ago, not today. At that time, their marriage was not considered unusual …and the proof is that the enemies of Muslims at that time did not criticize this marriage. They attacked prophet […]

Was Aisha really only Nine? Pt. 2

Continuing from where previously left off ( Aïsha was converted before Umar. Argument Ibn Hisham says that Aïsha became a Muslim before Umar. He was a very early convert, so Aïsha must have converted in 610. If she had been old enough to think for herself at that date, this would place her in her […]

Was Aisha really only Nine? Pt. 1

The following is taken from David Wood’s blog and can be accessed here: Introduction Sometimes you will read that there is debate over Aïsha’s age and that she may have been much older than nine when she married Muhammad.[1] Some of these claims are very strongly worded. Recent researches have established beyond doubt that the age […]

A Salafi Defense of Muhammad’s Marriage to a Minor

In this post, I am republishing a Salafi refutation ( to the desperate attempts by some Muhammadans to deny that their prophet had sex with a 9-year-old premature minor. Age of the Mother of the Believers ‘Aa’ishah when the Prophet married her Question Whilst visiting some chat rooms, I read a very strange topic, and […]

A Muslim Defense of Muhammad’s Marrying A Prepubescent Minor Pt. 2

This is a follow up to my previous post ( where I again republish a leading Muslim scholar’s refutation ( to the attempts by some Muslims to deny that Muhammad had sexual relations with a 9-year-old minor. ‘Ā’isha’s Age at the Time of Her Marriage by GF Haddad – Shawwāl 1426 / November 2005 Our […]

A Muslim Defense of Muhammad’s Marrying A Prebuscent Minor Pt. 1

The following is a post ( written by a Muslim scholar who refutes the attempt by his fellow Muslims to undermine the overwhelming testimony of the Islamic tradition that Aisha was a 9-year-old minor when a 54 year old Muhammad slept with her. More on ‘Ā’isha’s Age at the Time of Her Marriage A Dialogue […]

Muhammad’s Marriage to a Prepubescent Minor:

A Quick Response to a Common Muslim Objection There are some internet dawagandists who quote the following English rendering of al-Bukhari in order to prove that Aisha was past the age of puberty when she married and had sex with Muhammad, who was approximately 54 years old at that time: Narrated: Aisha I had seen […]

Revisiting the Age of Aisha: Postscript

In this section ( we are going to cite some of the narrations concerning the second caliph Umar’s marriage proposal to Ali’s daughter in order to highlight the people’s reaction to a 47 year old man desiring to marry a 10-12 year old girl. Note what the following sources say regarding Ali’s response to Umar’s […]

Revisiting the Age of Aisha Pt. 4

We come to the fourth segment of our rebuttal ( A Walking Contradiction Recall what Brown wrote: “… Finally, there are some elements of the Prophet’s Sunnah that are actually prohibited for us, like continuous fasting and marrying more than four women…” Brown could not have picked a worst example to justify what his prophet did. […]