How the theology of the Psalms proves that Muhammad was a false prophet

Seeing how Muslims love to quote Psalm 84:5-6 to somehow prove that pilgrimage to Mecca is mentioned in the previous Scriptures, I have decided to, therefore, show how the theology of the Psalters actually contradicts the teachings of Muhammad. We begin by looking at the following Psalm: Why do the nations rage, and the peoples […]

What is the Messiah? Responding to Iglesia ni Cristo’s Misuse of Scripture Pt. 1

In the debate between Iglesia ni Cristo minister Jose Ventilacion and Reformed Baptist apologist Dr. James R. White (Who is God? Trinity Debate, White appealed to the Lord Jesus’ “I Am” (Gr. ego eimi) statements in John’s Gospel to show how Christ took to himself one of the unique names that the Hebrew Scriptures ascribe to […]

No Need for Mediation in Islam? Refuting the Repeated Distortion of a Muslim Dawagandist Pt. 2

We continue with our rebuttal to Kunde’s claim…dawagandist-pt-1/. To further confirm that there is no such thing as Islam without the mediation of Muhammad, Kunde’s prophet is reported to have said that a Muslim’s prayers will not be accepted unless and until s/he prays to and for their messenger: Saying Salah upon the Prophet before […]

No Need for Mediation in Islam? Refuting the Repeated Distortion of a Muslim Dawagandist Pt. 1

Muslim polemicist Abdullah Kunde engaged in a debate with Dr. James R. White on the topic, “How Can Man Have Peace With God” In his closing statements Kunde again repeated the old Muslim canard that Islam denies the need of a mediator in order to attain peace and salvation: “The critical difference between the Islamic […]

Refuting the Weak Hadith Canard

Muslims will often pull out the “weak hadith” card in order to avoid having to deal with any incriminating evidence that exposes Muhammad for the charlatan that he was. However, those Muslims who raise this objection are either exposing their dishonesty or ignorance of the consensus of Islamic scholarly opinion concerning the use of so-called […]