Commanding Jihad Against Those Who Believe Differently

The Quran emphatically orders Muhammadans to fight, murder and/or subdue peoples of other faiths, especially Jews and Christians, unless and until they pay a sum of money (jizyah) as a sign of their degradation and humiliation: Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allah, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that […]

Refuting the Oft-Repeated Muslim Lie that Islam Did not Spread by the Sword

It is refreshing to discover that not all Muslims are ashamed to admit that Islam spread by the use of the sword. The following online Salafi website quotes the Quran, Muhammad’s sunna and some of Islam’s greatest scholars to prove that offensive military expeditions against unbelievers for the purpose of forcing them to convert or […]

The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Addendum

In this final segment…antagonized-pt-3/, we are going to cite some additional reports, which further give the readers an idea of the real reason behind all of Muhammad’s raids upon unsuspecting victims. Truth be told, Muhammad and his men were nothing more than murdering bandits who used religion as a means of amassing great wealth […]

The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Pt. 3

Continuing from where we previously left off…antagonized-pt-2, we are going to quote some additional Islamic references proving that it was Muhammad who had the audacity to send threatening letters to certain Christian tribes and rulers, including the Byzantine Emperor, threatening to attack them if they did not submit to his demands. These sources provide […]

The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Pt. 2

In this part of my discussion…antagonized-pt-1/  I am going to be addressing the claims of some Muhammadan apologists that Q. 9:29 was composed primarily because Muhammad supposedly received news that the Byzantine Christians were planning to attack the Muslims. These Islamic propagandists are hoping to convince non-Muslims that this is simply another case of Muhammad ordering […]

The Byzantine Christians: Antagonists or Antagonized? Pt. 1

According to the orders of Muhammad, Muslims are obligated to wage war against all unbelievers for the express purpose of converting them to Islam. An exception is made in the case of Jews and Christians who are permitted to remain in their respective faiths, provided they willingly pay Jizyah, which is a sum of money […]