Paul and the Concept of a Dying and Rising Messiah

Muslim polemicist and blogger Paul Bilal Williams posted a response ( to Catholic apologist and philosopher Denis Giron’s blogpost ( where he shows how Paul’s method of interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures is essentially identical with the hermeneutics employed by rabbinic Judaism before, during and after the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. Williams takes issue […]

An anti-Christian Rabbi Proves Muhammad is a false prophet! Pt. 2

We continue from where we left off In this section we are going to deal with the texts that Singer uses to prove that the Servant of Isaiah 53 is the nation of Israel. We will try to quote from the very chapter that Singer himself cites from in order to show from the […]

An anti-Christian Rabbi Proves Muhammad is a false prophet! Pt. 1

Muslim polemicist Paul Williams posted an article by noted anti-Christian rabbi Tovia Singer titled, “Who is God’s Suffering Servant? The Rabbinic Interpretation of Isaiah 53”, seemingly because Williams assumed that the rabbi would refute the claim of Christians that Isaiah 53 announces that the Messiah would offer up his soul as a guilt offering in order to […]

NT Critic Bart Ehrman’s Favorite Bible Translation Proves That Jesus is God Almighty in the Flesh!

Muslim polemicist Paul Bilal Williams shared a post by NT scholar Bart D. Ehrman concerning Bible translations: Ehrman states that he prefers the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) since he views it as the most accurate and faithful to what the original languages of the Holy Scriptures say. He writes: My view is that a […]

The Prophet Isaiah – Islam’s Nightmare Pt. 2

We continue from where we previously left off…s-nightmare-pt-2/ The Servant that Isaiah 53 said would suffer and offer his soul as a sacrifice for sins is the same One spoken of in the following passages: “Here is My servant, whom I uphold, My chosen one, in whom My soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon […]

The Prophet Isaiah – Islam’s Nightmare Pt. 1

In this post I am again going to be tackling some other aspects of the following article The greenhorn who goes by the name question mark writes: There is even more in the Bible. Trinitarian Apologists like Sam Shamoun who use the book of Isaiah to somehow establish vicarious atonement, conveniently ignores, if not outright […]

Yes! Christianity Does Necessitate Christ’s Vicarious Death as the Ransom for Salvation!

This is going to be a reply to the following post by Muhammadan greenhorn question mark I have already thoroughly addressed and rebutted the great bulk of this neophyte’s assertions in the following articles and rebuttals: Jesus and the Law Paul and the Law The Old Testament on Vicarious Sacrifices Where is the Blood? Jesus […]

Turning the Tables: Can Any Muhammadan Explain How Can Allah Die and the Quran be Destroyed?

Since Muslims always bring up the issue of God dying as a way of showing Christians the absurdity of their believing that Christ is God who died, I have decided to turn the tables on them in order to give them a taste of their own medicine. According to the Quran, every soul (nafs) shall […]

Animal Sacrifices and the Atoning Death of Christ in the Book of Acts Pt. 2

Having established that Luke-Acts emphatically teach that salvation comes from trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ…ook-of-acts-pt-1/, and not by the Law and/or the sacrificial system prescribed by Moses, we can now address the verses in question. Here they are one more time: “Then on the next day, Paul took the men and purified himself […]