Many people may not be aware of the fact that the term Muhammad appears only four times in the Quran, with the name Ahmad appearing only once. Muslims have assumed that these all refer to their prophet Muhammad. However, not all are convinced that this is the case since there are those who actually believe […]

Does the Quran confirm the Bible and the Canonical Gospels?

One will find specific Muslim scholars and/or apologists arguing that the Muslim scripture never mentions either the Bible or the Canonical Gospels. Rather, what the Quran confirms is the original Torah given to Moses and the Gospel sent down upon Jesus, not the Old or New Testaments in the possession of the Jews and Christians […]

An anti-Christian Rabbi Proves Muhammad is a false prophet! Pt. 2

We continue from where we left off In this section we are going to deal with the texts that Singer uses to prove that the Servant of Isaiah 53 is the nation of Israel. We will try to quote from the very chapter that Singer himself cites from in order to show from the […]

An anti-Christian Rabbi Proves Muhammad is a false prophet! Pt. 1

Muslim polemicist Paul Williams posted an article by noted anti-Christian rabbi Tovia Singer titled, “Who is God’s Suffering Servant? The Rabbinic Interpretation of Isaiah 53”, seemingly because Williams assumed that the rabbi would refute the claim of Christians that Isaiah 53 announces that the Messiah would offer up his soul as a guilt offering in order to […]

Refuting Islam’s Favorite Rabbi Pt. 1b

In this part of my rebuttal I am going to cite from James and Hebrews, the very books that Singer quoted, in order to show that both these inspired writers believed and affirmed that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. This will demonstrate that neither inspired author had a problem with Jesus being tempted even […]

Refuting Islam’s Favorite Rabbi Pt. 1

I am going to be tackling noted anti-Christian and Muslim darling rabbi Tovia Singer’s article, “Did the Authors of the New Testament Believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity?” Singer cites specific NT passages that he thinks undermine the doctrine of the blessed Trinity and refute the perfect Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. I […]