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In this short post I will be providing another example of the gross sexually perverted and wickedly immoral teachings of Muhammad and his god.

The following is taken from Reliance of the Traveller (Revised Edition): The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law ‘Umdat al-Salik by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri (d. 769/1368), in Arabic with Facing English Text, Commentary, and Appendices Edited and Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, published by Amana Publications, Beltsville, Maryland U.S.A, Section o12.3, p. 610. What makes this particular citation rather intriguing is that Keller chose to leave it untranslated! After providing a rough translation of the Arabic you will see why he did so.

Here’s the untranslated Arabic text:

ومن وطئ بهيمة أو إمرأة ميتة أو حية فيما دون الفرج أو جارية يملك بعضها أو أخته المملوكة له أو وطئ زوجته في الحيض أو الدبر أو استمنى بيده أو أتت إمرأة إمرأة لا حد عليه ويعذر

And here’s an approximate rendering:

“Anyone (Muslim) who has sex with an animal or a dead woman or (a) living (one), but not from the vagina (i.e. from the anus), or from his partially owned slave woman or from his sister whom he owned (as a slave), or has sex with his wife during the periods, or from the anus, or if he masturbates, or a woman that has sex with another woman, there is no criminal charge on him and is excused.”

After seeing what the Arabic is referring to, the readers can appreciate why Keller decided not to translate it for his English readers. Only a sick, demented, demonized and sexually perverted mind would even think of addressing such vile and wickedly immoral sexual acts.

This only goes to show the kind of sexual deviant and pervert Muhammad and his deity truly are.

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