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The Quran and Sunnah In Conflict: Is Every Living Thing From Water?

The Muslim asserts that Allah created every living thing from water:

And Allah has created from water every living creature (dabbatin): so of them is that which walks upon its belly, and of them is that which walks upon two feet, and of them is that which walks upon four; Allah creates what He pleases; surely Allah has power over all things. S. 24:45 Shakir

That the word for living creature, dabbah, can and does refer to sentient creatures such as angels, men, and jinn, is easily proven by the following texts:

Verily! The worst of (moving) living creatures (al-dawabbi) with Allah are the deaf and the dumb, those who understand not (i.e. the disbelievers). S. 8:22 Hilali-Khan

Verily, The worst of moving (living) creatures (al-dawabbi) before Allah are those who disbelieve – so they shall not believe. S. 8:55 Hilali-Khan

Would any Muslim deny that in the foregoing cases the word dabbah in the plural refers to unbelieving human beings?

Note how the following commentaries interpret these texts:

It was also revealed about these: (Lo! the worst of beasts) created beings and creatures (in Allah’s sight are the deaf) to the Truth, (the dumb) about the Truth, (who have no sense) who do not understand Allah’s command and His divine Oneness. (Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs, Q. 8:22; bold emphasis mine)

(Lo! the worst of beasts) of created beings (in Allah’s sight are the ungrateful) Banu Qurayzah and others (who will not believe) in Muhammad and in the Qur’an; (Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs, Q. 8:55; bold emphasis mine)

The following was revealed regarding Banū Qurayza Surely the worst of beasts in God’s sight are the ungrateful who will not believe. (Tafsir al-Jalalayn; bold emphasis mine)

In these next examples, dabbah clearly includes all sentient creatures, and not just animals, fowl or insects:

If Allah were to take mankind (al-nasa) to task for their wrong-doing, he would not leave hereon a living creature (dabbatin), but He reprieveth them to an appointed term, and when their term cometh they cannot put (it) off an hour nor (yet) advance (it). S. 16:61 Pickthall

If Allah took mankind (al-nasa) to task by that which they deserve, He would not leave a living creature (dabbatin) on the surface of the earth; but He reprieveth them unto an appointed term, and when their term cometh – then verily (they will know that) Allah is ever Seer of His slaves. S. 35:45 Pickthall

Again, pay close attention to the commentary attributed to Ibn Abbas:

(If Allah were to take mankind to task for their wrong-doing) their idolatry, (he would not leave hereon) on the face of the earth (a living creature) a jinn or human being, (but He reprieveth them to an appointed term) He reprieves them to the time of their destruction, (and when their term cometh) when the time of their destruction comes (they cannot put (it) off an hour nor (yet) advance (it)) nor can they be destroyed before their appointed term. (Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs, Q. 16:16; bold emphasis mine)

This next verse is emphatically clear that dabbah refers to every living creature which dwells in heaven and on the earth:

And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and what He has spread forth in both of them of living beings (dabbatin); and when He pleases He is all-powerful to gather them together. S. 42:29 Shakir

And here is how noted Muslim expositor and commentator Ibn Kathir explained this passage:

(is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and whatever moving creatures He has dispersed in them both.) means, whatever He has created in them, i.e., in the heavens and the earth.

(and whatever moving creatures) this includes the angels, men, Jinn and all the animals with their different shapes, colors, languages, natures, kinds and types. He has distributed them throughout the various regions of the heavens and earth. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir; bold and underline emphasis mine)

Herein lies the problem for the Muslims.

According to the Quran and supposed authentic narrations attributed to Muhammad,

And the jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire. S. 15:27 Hilali-Khan

And the jinns did He create from a smokeless flame of fire. S. 55:15 Hilali-Khan

(And the Jinn, We created earlier from the smokeless flame of fire).’” The following is found in the Sahih…

(The angels were created from light, the Jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire, and Adam was created from that which has been described to you.) The Ayah is intended to point out the noble nature, good essence and pure origin of Adam. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Q. 15:27; bold emphasis mine)

The Creation of Humans and Jinns

Allah mentions that He created mankind from clay, like that used in pottery, and created the Jinns from the tip of the flame of a smokeless fire. This was said by Ad-Dahhak from Ibn `Abbas. It was also said by `Ikrimah, Mujahid, Al-Hasan and Ibn Zayd. Al-`Awfi reported from Ibn `Abbas, “From the best part of the fire, from its smokeless flame.” Imam Ahmad recorded that `A’ishah said that Allah’s Messenger said…

(The angels were created from light, the Jinns from a smokeless flame of fire, and `Adam from what was described to you.) Muslim also collected this Hadith. (Ibid., Q. 55:15; italicized emphasis mine)

‘A’isha reported that Allah’s Messenger said: The Angels were born out of light and the Jinns were born out of the spark of fire and Adam was born as he has been defined (in the Qur’an) for you (i.e. he is fashioned out of clay). (Sahih Muslim, Book 042, Number 7134

Angels were created from light whereas the jinn were created from smokeless fire. As such, this contradicts the Quran’s assertion that every created being was made from water!

To sum up the gross error within the Islamic corpus:

The Quran teaches that all living beings in heaven and on earth was created from water.

This is contradicted by the Muslim scripture itself which stated that the jinn were not created from water but from a smokeless flame of fire.

The hadiths also contradict the Quran since Muhammad reportedly taught that angels were created from light, and therefore were not created from water.

So much for Islam being the religion of the true God.

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